Thanks for volunteering to be a Book Angel. Youse the best.

Your mission is to distribute your angelic bounty on buses, trains, ferries or other places as you go about your life.

The point of the campaign is to encourage reading and sharing, and to gently spread the word about the bookstore. Over time, we hope to engender a conversation about technology and modern life as well. Let's see how we go.

Some suggestions:

  • Put them somewhere visible and accessible.
  • Distribute no more than one book at a time.
  • Don't drop anything too late in the day (because we assume they will get cleaned up at the end).
  • There is no rush and no schedule. We think the first effort might run for six weeks or so, but let's see how it goes.
  • We have an unlimited supply of books if you run out and want more.

Spreading the word

  • Take a pic of your drop.
  • This lets us spread the word, and also follow the fate of the books (the stickers on the books encourage people who pick them up to mention they have found one).
  • If you are happy to be identified as a Book Angel, post a pic of your drop on your Instagram or Facebook and tag @ponsonbybooks with some kind of thrilling message.
  • If you would rather be a secret Angel, then you can Facebook Message @ponsonbybooks, WhatsApp your pic to me on +64 21 689 176 or email (!) me (