Books by the Metre

Save yourself the trouble of trawling through the shelves. We can assemble a second-hand book collection for you by subject, by genre, by style or by colour. We offer books for sale, or for rent (and we can refresh the collection periodically if you wish). Some ideas for collections are given below.

A metre of books is around 40 books, depending on the width of the spines.

Standard pricing is a sharp discount on our retail prices and includes GST. Our standard rental term is three months.


Large format art books

Artwork in their own right, these books will fill larger shelves or spaces. A reference for your office or entertainment for your waiting room. Design, architecture, art history, picture books, or sculpture.


$150/metre/month | Rental
$675/metre | Purchase


Classic fiction

Called classics for a reason, these titles will always be widely loved. Go back in time with hardback covers or line up a stack of classic paperbacks.

$60/metre/month | Rental
$270/metre | Purchase


Impressive reference books

Nothing says brainy like a row of beautiful reference books. Boast about your scholarly leanings without saying a word. Encylopediae, dictionaries, medical tomes and more.


$75/metre/month | Rental
$340/metre | Purchase


Books by colour or size

Whoever said don’t judge a book by its cover clearly thought nothing of aesthetics.  For house staging, set design, or just a particular look, a colour-coded collection will fashion a stunning display. We can match to your desired colour. We choose the genres and titles.


$75/metre/month | Rental
$340/metre | Purchase


Business books

A marvellous addition to your office, for employees and clients alike. Biographies, human behaviour, productivity, the zen of business. We have a particular interest in start-ups and software businesses.


$100/metre/month | Rental
$450/metre | Purchase



Curious, provocative, cautionary, captivating. Get ideas from others on how to live (or not live) your one and only life.

$105/metre/month | Rental
$475/metre | Purchase]


Victorian books

They just don’t make ‘em like they used to. Hard-backed Victorian books bound in exquisite jackets make an elegant and timeless addition to any room. Mostly tip-top what-ho adventure stories. What's not to love?


$120/metre/month | Rental
$540/metre | Purchase


Books by one publisher

Looking for design consistency or establishing a collection? A set of fiction titles from a single publisher is an excellent way to proceed.


$75/metre/month | Rental
$340/metre | Purchase


You choose a subject

Perfect for the particular reader. Specify a topic or genre, popular or peculiar, and we will put together a set for you. Non-fiction, fiction or both.


From $60/metre/month | Rental
$270/metre | Purchase


How it works

  • You let us know how many and what kind of books you are interested in.
  • We will check and confirm that we can meet your requirements, and assemble a selection.
  • You are welcome to come look at the books before delivery, or we can send you some pictures.
  • Assuming all is well, we deliver the books to you, arranging them attractively in your space, along with an invoice.

For long-term rentals (more than three months)

  • We can make a visit quarterly to refresh the books.
  • We invoice you each quarter.
  • When the contract is over, we pick up the books again.
  • You can buy anything that you decide you want to keep with a fifty per cent discount on the retail price.
  • We charge for books that are lost, or that are damaged such that we can no longer sell them to someone else.

Contact us to find out more.