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Technology has changed how people read and share books, making reading less enjoyable and sharing nearly impossible.

Let's strike a blow for how things used to be.

Every week for six weeks our book angels will be leaving books on buses, trains, ferries and in cafes. They are free, yours to take and read, and to share with others.

Use the hashtag [#booksonbuses] to talk about the project or share a picture of your find. We are @ponsonbybooks on Facebook if you want to chat with us.

We have a shelf in store where you can leave books for others to pickup as well. Come sit a while and get out of the world.

Where can I find a book

Keep an eye out on your favourite bus, train or ferry from [date]. We will post hints on our newsfeed and Facebook page. Search [#booksonbuses] to see finds from others.

I have found a book

Great! Take it with you. Read it. Share it with someone else. Take a picture of it and share it on social media with [#booksonbuses] as the hashtag.

But I wanna be a Book Angel, mom!

We can help you progress towards your dreams. Drop us a line. Contact details are on our home page.


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