Tech books by the metre


Rent a shelf of new ideas, curated to suit your business. We have a particular interest in startups and software businesses and continue to grow our library of relevant titles.


  • A source of wisdom and advice from people who have done what you are doing.
  • A differentiator for your staff. A readily accessible private library of relevant titles.
  • Let the experts choose books for you. You don't have to come in store.
  • Try before you buy. If you like the books, you can buy them with a fifty per cent discount on our normal retail price.
  • Give your guests something attractive to look at and interesting to do.
  • Refreshed each quarter with fresh books sourced from the USA.
  • We take requests! Let us know a particular topic or title and we will track it down.

First quarter is $200/metre/month. Thereafter standard pricing is a $150/metre/month excluding GST. A sharp discount on our usual retail prices. Our standard rental term is three months. A metre is around forty books.

How it works

  • Drop us a line and we will assemble a selection to your requirements.
  • You can come look at the books before delivery, or we can send pictures.
  • We deliver and arrange the books attractively in your space, and invoice you for the first three months.
  • Every three months we visit to refresh the books. Typically we replace about half, and we invoice you after each refresh.
  • When the contract is over, we pick up the books again.
  • You can buy anything that you decide you want to keep with a fifty per cent discount on the retail price.
  • We charge for books that are lost, or that are damaged such that we can no longer sell them to someone else.

Contact us to find out more.