Get out

"[S]itting on a stool from nine to five, scratching in somebody's ledger! It's a queer use to make of one's ... one and only life, isn't it?"

- Katherine Mansfield, At the Bay

Find some alternatives. $12

Out of it

Local man reviews twenty New Zealand towns. Amazing. $15

What's that, Chucky?

Impress your family with another newfound skill. Doll sold separately. $14

Here be finches

Can't compete in Bird of the Year, seeing as how it is introduced. But the author certainly thinks a lot of them. Hardback. Beaut dust jacket. Collectible. $55

Re emergence

The marvellous booktree has shot up again. Loves warm, dry conditions with lots of sunshine, it seems.

The skinny

Get the inside word on the extremely strange story of Rasputin, influencer with the last Russian Tsar (and especially Tsarina). Stars in a Boney M song too. $10

So many nights

Delightful leather-bound collection of fifty of the classic tales in Sir Richard Burton's famous 1888 translation. With beautiful line illustrations from an even earlier edition. $18


A history of two hospitals established in the Himalayas by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1966 and 1975 and staffed for the subsequent twenty years or so by New Zealand or Canadian volunteers. Published in 2011 in beautiful hardback. $50