Forty six tales from New Zealand history. Auckland wanted to be a separate colony from the rest of New Zealand apparently. No word on whether the RONZ wanted that too. $16

Vale book tree

Before, during and after the 2018 version of the book tree. Surprisingly, despite a sizable media contingent at the event, there was no footage captured of the main collapse. Next year!

Books of the day

So many to choose from! $5 each or five for $10 at the Quite Large Book Sale.

Not Dr Livingstone, I presume

Sirs Edmund Hillary and Vivian Fuchs met up at the South Pole on this day in 1958, the culmination of long long land journeys from different directions. Noel Barber was there. $12

Less small than you think

I should not be alive, maritime edition. Four months alone afloat! $10

If you are feeling tempted yourself, this might calm you down:


Book of the day: I should not be alive, aircraft edition. Quite the endorsement too. $12