All together now

Something wonderful happened this past weekend, and it wasn’t just that our quarterly clearance sale was our best day ever. 

For the first time since Hayley joined us as a co-owner, all three of us were in-store at the same time. This was, as Owen Meany would have said, NO COINCIDENCE.

We even have proof: our first ever team photo. Here we are all looking very proprietary:

Proprietors and windows.jpg

Hayden was in town because he lives in Auckland, duh.

I was over from New York for the release of Better Lives, my new migration book written with Peter Wilson which you can order here and either pick up instore or have shipped to you for a measly three bucks. It will even be autographed.

Hayley was up from Wellington to hang out, make tea, be her absolutely lovely self and help address the guavapocalypse.


We even recorded a couple of podcasts with the delightful Anna Livesey for the store's Ears Wide Open series. They will be coming soon.

One of the best parts of the weekend was sitting on the couch with Hayley playing Statler and Waldorf while Hayden charmed the customers. Fun times, and exactly the kind of day we all had in mind when we got started on this endeavour.